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First Wave Radio Podcast - SkaRoots

Traditional Ska, Ska inspired and all things Ska

Dec 31, 2007

First Wave Radio #14 - 1+1=fun

Wishing you all the best for 2008....good times and good people. Here are my selections going into 2008.


Tighten Up - The Untouchables

Double Barrel - Dave & Ansel Collins

Funky, Funky Reggae - Dave Barker

Sipreano - Lee Perry and the Upsetters

Hold The Pussy - Kid Gungo

Bang Bang Lulu -...

Dec 23, 2007

First Wave Radio # 13 - Good and Bad

Apparently this is the time of year to reflect...have you been naughty or nice...good or personally I have been bad...but it's ok cuz it makes me feel good...


Piranha - Intensified

The Munsters - The Munsters

Spontaneuos - Yardbeat

Spy Front - Inspecter 7

Come Dung - Lord...

Dec 16, 2007

First Wave Radio #12 - The Deep Snow Show

Ok break out the shovels and turn up the bass...this is the Deep Snow Show. Start it off with some cover songs for you. Fight off the deep snow with some deep bass.


Fever - Junior Byles

Listen To Her Heart - The Pietasters

Soul Rebel - The Gladiators

Midnight Rocker - Bedouin...

Dec 9, 2007

First Wave Radio #11 - The Overtime Shift

sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do....goto work on the weekends... alright selections this week.


Beware Of the Tiger - Two Tone Club

Muhammad Ali - Soul Invaders

The Infamous - Inspecter 7

Juvenile - Sizzla

Spy Fly - Dr Ring Ding and the Senior All Stars


Dec 2, 2007

First Wave Radio # 10- Cleanliness


It's good to be clean. Whether it means taking a shower, washing the dishes, cleaning the environment or staying sober. so cheers to those that take public transit, and props to those that are ridding themselves of bad habits.

You're Not The Law - The Dead 60s

Joylin - Three And A...