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First Wave Radio Podcast - SkaRoots

Traditional Ska, Ska inspired and all things Ska

Dec 28, 2008

First Wave Radio #43 - Evil Demons

Another mixed bag this week. Again I can't say enough about Los Skarnales, high energy and fun but at the same time a very progressive band, although I know some of you would disagree. I can never play one Los Skarnales song without playing another. So another year is done have a safe...

Dec 14, 2008

First Wave Radio #42 - The After Party

Easy listening for the late night run. A couple of Police covers along with a White Stripes cover to rinse out the rest of your evening. I'm running on no hours sleep on this one.


Roxanne - DubXanne

The Bed's Too Big Without You - DubXanne R

ainbow Warrior - Martin Jondo