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First Wave Radio Podcast - SkaRoots

Traditional Ska, Ska inspired and all things Ska

Apr 19, 2009

First Wave Radio #48 - Tubacular!!!

I just wanted to try something a little different. Of course Tuba's are the theme but most people don’t know that there are many breeds of tubas. The most common of which is called a sousaphone, popular amongst marching bands and New Orleans style brass bands. Named after an...

Apr 5, 2009

First Wave Radio #47 - Good Chill Man!

This is a pcast that I've always wanted to do. Some of my favorite artists playing some of their biggest tunes.


Darker Than Blue - Lloyd Charmers

Dread Are The Controller - Linval Thompson

Jackpot Girl - Seeed

There For You - Damian Marley

Hearsay - The Gladiators

Black Roses -...