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First Wave Radio Podcast - SkaRoots

Traditional Ska, Ska inspired and all things Ska

Dec 23, 2011

First Wave Radio #89 - Winter Chill

Definitly headphone material.  

Check out

How Can We Lose - Mr No Tears

Si Hecho Palante - Ticklah & Mayra Vega

L.I.C. - Victor Rice

Nine Years - Ticklah

The Whip - Victor Rice

Inamorata - Crazy Baldhead

America - Alborosie

Jordan River - Burning Spear

Baby I Love You So...

Nov 20, 2011

First Wave Radio #88 - Bad Management = Bad Tenant

I believe in top down thinking.  On a micro scale if you rent in a building and your neighbours have little respect for you, it's really the building management to blame.  I hate to think that we are sheep, but we react according to our environment.  If someone doesn't...

Oct 17, 2011

First Wave Radio #87 - Debt

without doubt there is no desire

All Night Till Daylight - Inner Circle

Country Time - Hepcat

Chase The Devil - Max Romeo

Lead Us Father - The African Brothers

African Skafari - The Internationals

Baltimore - The Tamlins

Lion Is Angry - Livin' Soul

Mango Walk - In-Crowd

Wounded Lion - St...

Sep 19, 2011

First Wave Radio #86 - Maga Dog



Desperado - Two Tone Club

Maga Dog - Chris Murray Combo

Sufferer - Kingstonians

Thunder Fist - The Aggrolites

The Great Ken Boothe Medley pt1 - Ken Boothe

Home - Chris Murray

Rudie Gets Plenty - The Spanishtonians

Cincinnati Kid - Prince Buster


Aug 24, 2011

First Wave Radio #85 - Bring It Back!

Lets bring it back to the days when the MC was the DJ and the DJ was the Selectah.  When a second mortgage was unthinkable.  When real men went about their jobs without complaining.  

When we went to our jobs working for each other and for our country, instead of being disposible...