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First Wave Radio Podcast - SkaRoots

Traditional Ska, Ska inspired and all things Ska

Dec 2, 2014

First Wave Radio #121 - For December

Rain Dogs - Tom Waits

Do Nothing - The Specials

El Guapo - Eastern Standard Time

Blank Stare - The Planet Smashers

Jack The Ripper - The Dualers

Cheek To Cheek - Moon Hop

This Thing Of Ours - Los Hooligans

The Organizer - Chris Murray

Glass Onion - The Beatles


poor man stylist

Nov 2, 2014

First Wave Radio #120 - The Expos

Far Too Long - The Expos

School Days - The Expos

Fire - The Expos

On The Road - The Expos

Rough Stone - The Expos

A Flower For Tara - The Expos

Another Place - The Expos

Bring It Home - The Expos


poor man stylist

Sep 1, 2014

First Wave Radio #119 - ROAR!

Enemy's Flag - Johny Comes Lately

El Pueblo Se Levantar√° - Negros Vivos

Agent of Chaos - Johny Comes Lately

A Beber Ron - Los Pies Negros

Vienen Y Se Van - Negros Vivos

Estamos Hartos Ya - Negros Vivos

Even Though We Tried - Johny Comes Lately

Jaque Mate - Los Pies Negros

Que Seas Tu -...

Aug 1, 2014

First Wave Radio #118 - Summer Chill

Door Peep - Sinead O'Connor

Leggo Beast - Steel Pulse

Bring On The Night - The Police

Letter To Samson - Jaqee

Children - Burning Spear

You Must Be Good - The Slackers

I Shall Sing - Toots & The Maytals

My Love Is So Strong - Toots & The Maytals


poor man stylist

Jul 1, 2014

First Wave Radio #117 - Lions Tone Club

You'll Never Walk Alone - Dr Ring Ding and Lionsclub

Star Wars feat. Thom - Lionsclub

The Persuaders feat. Daniel - Lionsclub

Secret Agent Man feat. Wanja & Kostia - Lionsclub

Run Pussy Cat feat. Thom - Lionsclub

Volstead Act - Two Tone Club

Get Me Outta Your Head - Two Tone...